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Our Story

The Gentlemen’s Club of Bahrain (TGC) was established as a personal brand for our founder and CEO dating back to the year 2012. It was his comfort zone, his passion and unconsciously his forthcoming future.

Branding his own clothes that were especially tailored from fine fabrics and luxury materials, TGC was an idea and yet a reality that was covered with solitude as it was not made available to the public yet. 

An idea driven with love. Love met passion, that was the start of TGC, June 28, 2016 where the story began. From that date the decision was set, TGC was not a personal and a private brand anymore. Our founder started selling polo shirts to friends and relatives and gained excellent feedback on the choice of material, quality, and attention to details.

Then, it became a mission to provide essentials for every gentleman which reflects the sophisticated designs and high quality.